client: katie stein

2008 ford e250 xlt high-top


Katie heard word of Boho Vans on Instagram, and immediately reached out to us about her situation. She had been working the “corporate world” for seven years with a startup that grew quickly into an IPO. Though she was comfortable and secure, she knew this wasn’t the life she wanted to live forever. Katie just wanted to live a more simple, but adventurous life.

Flo was built with Katie’s needs in mind as she planned on living full-time in her van. The high-top provided extra headspace, while a passenger-side cabinet and above driver-seat shelf granted extra storage for belongings including a portable toilet with hidden access.

The van was finished with red cedar, a natural bug-deterrent, and bamboo countertops were used throughout. Her unique “church windows” were adorned with showtime red curtains.

Katie’s original van was white (with San Jose Transit decals) - so we upgraded to a Dark Shadow Gun Metal Grey, keeping the outside tough while maintaining the interior boho-vibe.

Once completed, Katie picked up her beloved “Flo” before trekking on a San Diego to Boston road trip. Her van life officially starts following her yoga training in India - where she will expand her knowledge of self and flow.


- full-size bed (54" x 68")

- solar-powered battery system

- 1500 watt inverter

- 8" memory foam mattress

- intake/outtake roof fan

- 25 gallon water tank

- outdoor shower

- electric sink

- 360 LED lighting with dimmer

- 48" exterior bamboo countertop

- dual interior bamboo cook tops

- extra high-top shelf

- extra storage cabinets

- dometic portable toilet

- alpicool 12V refrigerator

- passenger swivel seat

photos shot by Justin Wade Orton