where men cry upon arrival

Yes, it's everything you'd imagine and more. The Grand Canyon is one of seven natural wonders of the world and believe us, it's definitely worthy of that claim. What we love about this place is the diversity of adventures you can choose. Hiking is not a requirement, but we think the canyon is best viewed from inside it. Always bring water, and remember, what goes down must come up.

south rim shown on map below

south rim shown on map below

the south rim & watchtower

Car camping at the Grand Canyon can sometimes be difficult, as the beauty of the canyon attracts millions of visitors a year. That's why we recommend Desert View Campground. It's just enough off the path to provide seclusion, and it hosts the best sunrise spot in the park. Also close by is the watchtower, a stone edifice that provides wild views of the peaks, canyons and river. We recommend all campers do their research prior to ensure a reservation. Visit this National Park website for more info.


the quieter north rim

The North Rim Campground is widely considered the best campground at the Grand Canyon. Nestled amongst ponderosa pines and aspens, try to lock down campsite 11, 14, 15, 16 or 18 for the best views. Reservations are required, click here for more info.


one-day whitewater rafting

The immensity of the canyon means attractions are scattered around. To experience the canyon from below, test your might with a day on the Colorado River with Hualapai River Runners (2 hours from the South Rim). Call in advance to book your reservation.