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Comfort, convenience, functionality and beauty. Boho vans bring experience back to the road through carefully designed spaces and aesthetic intention. Everything in our vans has been curated to make your travels easy and fun.





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We've spread Boho Camper Van from coast to coast and even across the pond. Not one client is the same, but they all agree - life on the road is that much better. Check out our recent vans, fresh-off-the-lot, hand-crafted in Phoenix, AZ.



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Our goal is to provide a functional, reliable and aesthetically beautiful experience for you to explore the southwest USA, complete with insider maps and recommendations to make the most of your travels




solar powered camper vans

so you can stay off-the-grid longer

Affixed to each Boho vehicle are dual 100 watt solar panels to ensure you have what you need to charge all your gadgets. Be fearless to run power when the engine is off, including dimmable LED lights to set the perfect atmosphere.


cook & clean on-the-go

making it easy to fuel your next adventure

An under-the-bed water tank makes cooking and cleaning a breeze. Begin with 25-gallons of water to run an electric sink and power your own outdoor shower. Prepare your next meal on our bamboo countertops and propane portable gas grill.

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usable exterior space

we have what you need to go beyond the vehicle 

Each Boho van includes a 48" rear pullout bamboo counter top for outdoor cooking. Easily relax outside the vehicle with supplied camping chairs and portable cooler. Cook your own meals with all the cooking accessories you’ll need including a propane grill and associated pots, pans and utensils.


local southwest hidden gems

curated insider maps to keep you from guessing

The biggest question we're asked is, "where do you recommend going?" To solve this, we offer up our secret map with any Boho booking. Find the best campsites, hikes, parks, cultural attractions and places to swim with our online maps (also available to download).


because where you go, is who you become



There's always too much to do with too little time...but don't worry, we have you covered. The beauty of the southwest is in the diversity of the landscape and climate. Hit the slopes and tan by the pool - all in the same day if you choose. To get some inspiration, select a recommended adventure below (more adventures coming soon).




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In our short existence we’ve managed to grab the media spotlight with many of the world’s top outlets for adventure vehicles. Read below for an outside opinion on what makes Boho Camper Vans stand out.